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Top Real Estate Buyers In Dubai 2024

In the realm of Dubai’s real estate market for 2024, a notable shift has occurred, with Indian property investors securing the top position again, surpassing Russian buyers. The statistics disclose that British and Russian buyers now occupy the second and third positions, respectively. This marks a departure from the 2023 scenario, where Russians, British, and Asians held the top three spots.

Dubai has experienced an unprecedented surge in demand, evident in the record-high prices for both villas and apartments in 2023 and 2024. High-net-worth individuals and the increasing population of expatriate workers in the emirate have been the driving forces behind this surge.

Foreign investors, attracted by high capital and rental returns, have infused triullions of dirhams into the real estate market. Dubai’s real estate sector continues to capture global attention, offering investors attractive returns, security, a luxurious lifestyle, tax efficiency, and a business-friendly environment for the expatriate community. The city’s enduring appeal is emphasized by a substantial increase in population, welcoming over 120,000 new residents in 2024.

The year 2023 witnessed a widespread increase in the average sales price of villas in Dubai’s key communities, ranging from 15 to 30 percent. A shortage of available inventory led to substantial increases in popular expat communities like Jumeirah Village Circle (up 20 percent), Dubai Hills Estate (up 30 percent), and Dubai Harbour (up 30 percent). Noteworthy exceptions were observed in Palm Jumeirah, where the average price of frond villas surged by 75 percent.

Simultaneously, apartment prices experienced an upward trend, with key communities across Dubai showing an average sales price increase of 10–30 percent. Downtown Dubai (up 15 percent) and Dubai Marina (up 20 percent)

The increasing number of buyers from Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Turkey signals Dubai’s continued role as a global haven for geopolitical and economic stability.

Top 10 Nationalities:

1. Indians

2. British

3. Russians

4. Chinese

5. Pakistanis

6. Americans

7. Irani

8. Emiratis

9. French

10. Turkish

In an intriguing revelation, the annual study released by Elevate Capital Real Estate Dubai as the premier destination for Indian investors venturing into the overseas property market, closely followed by the United States.

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