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Things to know before you Rent a Property in Dubai

Here is a list of things you need to know before renting a property in Dubai. Know your legal rights, and learn how Dubai realtors can help you.

Dubai is a city full of possibilities and opportunities to grasp. If you’ve landed up reading this blog, chances are you’re planning to rent a property in Dubai. Whether it is your first time renting in the city or you’re moving to a new place,

Renting a new apartment, villa, or townhouse certainly requires a lot of commitment. There are a lot of factors to consider before you narrow down any options or sign any deal. Knowledge is the key to renting a property, as the whole experience gets positive.

Know what you want first.

Naturally, the first thing has to be figuring out what place you want to rent. This depends on the number of occupants, the space required, and your ideal budget. Ask yourself: Do you wish to rent an apartment, a villa, or a penthouse or townhouse? Are you a family of two, a student, a working professional, or do you have kids?

Different situations require nature, space, and the ideal number of rooms. With kids, you need more space and more rooms, and if you’re on a good budget, a villa with a play area or pool! If you’re a working professional, a studio or 1-bedroom apartment will be ideal for you.

Picking the Right Location

Visiting any corner of the city, you’ll find yourself safe and comfortable. However, it is ideal to pick the right building and area because there are an array of options to pick from. There are family-friendly neighbourhoods like Tilal Al Ghaf and JBR; there’s Dubai Silicon Oasis, especially forstudents;, and Business Bay, for working professionals. Choosing the right community will make youfeel like youl belong instantly.

Apart from this, location matters when you want to reduce your commute time. If you’re a working professional without a private vehicle, you rely heavily on public transport. Your location should be such that you find public transportation accessible. And if you own a vehicle, you need to choose a location that is far from rush hour and traffic.

Rental costs matter.

Not to forget, location-wise, rent in Dubai is location-specific. You need to do careful research before settling on a specific home in a locality. If you’re planning to rent a home in Palm Jumeirah, you’re going to pay more than in areas like Dubai Investment Park or Al Barsha. In other words, you must be careful when selecting the right location to rent a property. You don’t want to live far away just because it’s cheaper; commuting to Dubai during rush hour can be a very tiresome job.

Think practically about all the possibilities and fix a budget; this will narrow down your list. Note down the time you wish to spend on travelling and the budget you’re ready to spend. Remember, the common rule of thumb when renting a property is not to spend more than 25–30% of your salary. And apart from the rent, you must have a backup for any unforeseen expenses that may occur, especially in the beginning stages.

Are utilities included or not?

Most of the buildings in Dubai have all the utility bills included, such as water, electricity, and Wi-Fi as well. However, there are a few buildings that do not provide tenants with chiller-free property. This means you need to pay additional costs apart from the rent for AC, water, gas bills, and Wi-Fi. Usually, chiller-free apartments are a lot cheaper than apartments with all bills included. AC indeed becomes a major part of the bill since the weather in Dubai requires one to be dependent on it most of the time.

When going for a chiller-free apartment, you’ll end up saving a lot because you pay all at once and can use the AC as much as you want. There are other utility bills as well, apart from the basic ones. This includes parking charges, gym membership, and even swimming pool access, along with the rent. It depends on your usage and whether the chiller-free option is favourable for you.

Don’t skip researching.

When you do legal work without researching, you’re leaving room for errors. The first step to finding your ideal property for rent is to do as much research as possible. Start by searching the famous property portals in Dubai on the internet. There are sites like DubizzleProperty Finder, and even Bayut where you can find properties of all kinds. These sites will give you a good glance at all the rental options available in different locations.

If you find anything interesting or within your budget, you can show your interest through a rental inquiry. It can be forwarded either through a call, email, or even WhatsApp. You must make sure you visit and look for the property by yourself, rather than relying on the pictures you see online. You can speak with the Dubai property realtors and discuss more options with them. Accordingly, they will show you properties that best suit your interests and budget.

Make it all legal.

Renting a property in Dubai involves an array of legal responsibilities! If you wish to avoid any sort of legal complications, it is best to take the right route with the support of someone skilled. For starters, many individuals consider approaching brokers who are more knowledgeable and relevant in the field. If you’re looking to rent a property in the city, remember to arrange the viewing and look for the property yourself. Make sure you work with only RERA-registered agents, since they work for you, according to the law!

They don’t overcharge you, and they are legally allowed to help you land your dream home. Next, you will further sign an EJARI, which is a contract between landlord and tenant that protects both parties. An EJARI document is crucial in Dubai, as it focuses on all the details of the tenancy agreement. It works wonders, especially when there is a dispute in the future.


Having a dream home is perhaps something that everyone wishes for! Dubai is indeed a city where a lot of people plan to live, settle, and have the time of their lives. When it comes to living, you need to be sure that you choose the right place to call home. You, as a tenant, need to be very careful with the legal process and documentation. Of course, when you handle the renting process all by yourself, you are bound to face challenges.

The easiest and most convenient way to rent a property is to hire a skilled realtor to do it for you. All you can do is visit properties, talk to the landlord, choose an area to live, and look out for finances. Now that you know how to go about the process, it is best not to miss out on any single point!

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